It’s Okay to Be Bored with Food, But Not with Life!

Does your food need to be entertaining? What has your obsession with delicious food, high-end restaurants, and a never-ending rotation of deliciousness gotten you? It got me fat, depressed, and unhappy with myself. Maybe that’s happened to you too.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that in order to lose weight and maintain the loss long term you need to work on giving up food as a hobby. You’re going to have to start looking at food as fuel rather than entertainment. Food can still be delicious and satisfying, and it should definitely be healthy. But spending your days thinking and dreaming about the next amazing thing you’re going to eat is counterproductive in your quest for health and fitness.

Figure out your macros and what you like to eat within those macros and just keep eating those things. You can eat the same things all the time and even like, but maybe not love, what you’re eating. Don’t think too hard about it. Be bored, it’s okay.

Instead of perusing recipes, I invite you to start thinking about all the awesome new adventures you are setting out on in your healthy, fit life. And don’t just dream about them, make them happen. Now. Today. Swim in the ocean, plan that trip, go back to school. Play!

Go ahead and enjoy your food and really stick hard to your keto macros. That will get you to your goals and give you the freedom to start enjoying your life in a way that you never imagined possible. Begin doing the things that you’ve always wanted to do even if you’re not at goal yet. Travel, adventure, learning, and play are all out there waiting for the attention that you used to give to preparing the perfect meal. Be bored with your food, but not with your life!

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