Two Weeks at a Time

A strategy that’s really helped me over the years is to break down overwhelming tasks into manageable pieces. In my weight-loss and maintenance journey I’ve often used two-weeks as a marker, but any timeframe that doesn’t seem overwhelming works. I accompany my chosen interval with affirmations to solidify my resolve. At the end of the time I evaluate my progress, set my goals for the next period and move forward.

I’m pretty sure that I took the two-week timeframe from Dr. Atkin’s book. Induction is two weeks and there is a very good reason for choosing this amount of time: it sets you up for success! It’s long enough to get over the initial low-carb flu, lose some weight, and motivate you to keep going. It’s also short enough that it doesn’t seem overwhelming.

I’ve successfully used a two-week, one-week, and even a one-meal-at-a-time approach over the past sixteen years to stay focused on my journey and re-motivate myself when I’m not where I want to be in my practice of the low-carb WOE.

To reinforce the goal for my interval I use affirmations and positive self-talk. Some of the phrases that I’ve used with success are: “I can do anything for two-weeks” and “In two weeks you can be where you are now or you can be two-weeks further along in your journey, where do you want to be in two weeks.” Something that sets the timeframe and keeps me focused on the outcome.

The final step of my process comes at the end of the period. I ask myself the following questions: How do I feel about my progress? Did I achieve my goals? Do I want to continue with what I’m doing or do I need to make changes?

This strategy has kept me focused and moving forward. It has also made the difference between a small bump in the road and a major backslide. The simple process of using a limited timeframe, reinforcing with positive self-talk, and periodically evaluating my progress has been an important tool that’s contributed to my long-term success.

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